Jan 31 2015

Searching for Dinosaur Eggs!

Another busy week in the life of dinosaur hunters. On Tuesday we became scientists, went back in time and went out looking for dinosaur eggs. We had to discover which dinosaur would hatch out and collect some facts.
Later on we measured out the length and height of a brachiosaurus! We stretched our arms to make a metre! Finally, we used twigs and branches to make the dinosaur shape! We did lots of estimating about length and then walked all the way around it with a trundle wheel. Wow, 60 m! Lots of great counting.
On Wednesday, Mrs Massey arrived and helped us decorate tyrannosaurus in the corner. He is now too big to move. Please come and visit him, if you dare. On Friday we added purple spots and teeth, truly terrifying.
We have sorted dinosaurs, counted dinosaurs, made dinosaurs and found out about dinosaurs! I wonder what we will be doing next week!IMG_2350.JPG