Oct 2 2017

Seafood Paella

It was our turn to cook this week and we are so lucky because Mrs Skewes and Mrs Moyle plan our cooking around our class topics. As we are learning all about our awesome oceans our first meal was seafood paella.

We had to use many of our learning powers in order to be successful. We listened, took in turns, collaborated, shared ideas, persevered (when pulling eyes and tails off!), experimented and achieved a delicious meal in a morning.

It was brilliant! The whole school got hungry when the smells of the fish, stock and other ingredients tarted wafting down the corridor.  We all got involved and learned a lot about the fish and also handled, cut and de shelled some ingredients. Every one of us tried what we made and it was delicious. Check out our photos and comments:

B: I love fish, it smells so good when its fresh.

V: I’ve never had paella before but this looks really good.

A: I don’t think I like fish but I will try it.

L: I’m going to ask my mum if we can make this at home.

I: oh my gosh, that is so yummy, I could eat it all. My dad would live this.

Mr Wild: That is great, really tasty.

Mr FT: wow, this is what all schools should be doing- real cooking. Absolutely amazing, fish you know how it should be done here and I’m going to tell all my other schools about it. That is delicious.