Jun 22 2016

Sea Shanty Festival 2016

Year 4 and 5 were extremely lucky to have been asked and invited to work with Bec Appleby from TOSTA this year. She came in a taught us lots of Cornish words as well as a new sea shanty in Cornish. It’s was fun, creative, unexpected, a little bit crazy and definitely inspirational working with golden tree and we can’t wait till next time. Following what we learnt in school we attended theSea  Shanty festival, paraded through town and sang to spectators several times in our way. It was great fun. We had a special Thankyou from the team we paraded through Falmouth with:

“Dear pupils of Constantine school

It was great to meet you in Falmouth on Sunday. You and your mums and dads looked and sounded amazing in your yellow ponchos waving your origami boats and singing in Cornish. Pur Varthys! (amazing!) The organisers of the Shanty Festival and all our friends from the other countries think that Cornwall is brilliant at having fun and celebrating (even if our weather is a bit dodgy!) You will be able to see the short film of the petal opening, but you will have to wait until the Autumn I’m afraid. Wishing you all the best and keep singing in Cornish!  

Oll an gwella

Will Coleman”