Dec 4 2015

Scott of the Antarctic


Tamar Class have been learning about Robert Falcon Scott’s tragic attempt to be the first person to reach the south pole. We watched a film about the expedition and made presentations using netbooks, iPads and iMacs.

Today we were privileged to have a very distinguished guest.  Zoe Young, whose grandmother was married to Scott, came into class to tell us about the forgotten side of the Scott’s expedition: that being, the effect of his death on those he left behind. Her presentation was a fascinating insight into the life and times of this extraordinary man and his equally extraordinary wife.

Please take a moment to look at some of the brilliant presentations that Tamar Class made by clicking the links below.

Scott’s Antarctic adventure Sarah Danny

Scott’s Adventure  by Angus, Fleur and Maya

Scotts adventure by Eiger’s group

Sir Robert Falcon Scott David, Ed and Alexandra

scott expedition by Gracie and Ethan J

Bella, Oliver and Katie

Ethan And Leah Freya,

Rhos and Tide

Lily and Jack G