Mar 16 2018

Science Week

Fal Class have been busy learning about the world around them this week. We have continued our learning about different materials and where they come from. This week we experimented with clay and discovered some of our own out on the field! Evie wanted to find out what happened to it when it went into water.

“ It gets smaller and smaller. It goes into the water and it turns all muddy.”

We returned the next day to see if the ball of clay was still there and the water was still muddy.

“ The water isn’t muddy any more. I think it’s gone in the rocks and the clay ball is still there. It’s very soggy!”

On Science Day Steve Moore came in to talk to us about flying and showed us a parachute.

We wondered what the best material would be to make a parachute at School so we made several and tested them. Some of us predicted correctly.

We were careful to make it a fair test and we found plastic most effective and easy to work with.

We talked about Stephen Hawking who was a brilliant scientist. He taught us to be curious and never to give up if we want to be great scientists too. That is just like Rosie Revere,

Orlas’s character from World Book Day.