Science Day at Constantine 15 Nov 2011

Wednesday 19th October was ‘SCIENCE DAY’. All children took part in a range of experiments in the morning based around the themes of ‘Food’ and ‘Colour’. Activities included using smarties and looking at chromatopgraphy, camouflaging, tasting apples, testing foods for fat, dancing raisins, parts of plants we eat, looking at colour vision testing and tricking our eyes and more. All children also had a chance to identify the Scientist on a smart screen of famous people. Which one is the Scientist….why? Along with all drawing a ‘scientist’. Many stereo typical men were drawn with lab coats on with crazy whisps of hair and round glasses! Some were surprised to hear many scientists are women too! During the morning 8 students from Penryn College came along and supported the primary children taking part in their experiments. They were a great help and the younger children related to them well and loved hearing thier explanations about the science that was going on.

In the afternoon Mr Latham, leading science teacher from Penryn College came and gave an amazing presentation to the whole school. It was really entertaining and here is what some children from Helford Class thought:

  • I really enjoyed the fire in the bottle. It was mad science. Joris
  • I liked it when you were laying on the broken glass beacuase I thought it was dangerous. Charlotte
  • I really liked it when the pumpkin exploded and foam came out of it’s mouth. Kian
  • I really enjoyed the pumpkin and the cabbage juice that deteced acids. Elliot
  • It was outstanding when the bottle jumped with fire in, it was like magic. Morwenna

So a great big thankyou to all our staff, Mr Latham and his students for making the day a success. The aim was to promote Science as an exciting subject with a day full of experiements and surprises to inspire our pupils about just how fun Science is. I think we achieved that 🙂 Mrs G

Take a look at some of the photos from our day: