Science Day 2014 23 Mar 2014

Our Science day this year was fantastic! Activities included: colour chaos, bug hunts, science in the outdoors, Biology, crime scenes, snakes and electric shocks to name a few! Key Stage 2 children were greeted by two Forensic Police Officers at 9.30am who set the scene and asked for the children’s help to solve a crime. Their day included learning all about finger printing and identification of criminals. They then had to identify the correct suspect based on the evidence from a real crime scene! Exciting stuff.

The day ended with a fantastic assembly led by the staff and students from Penryn College science department: Mr Ludlow, Mr Chanter, Ellen and Clara. The demonstration included feeding a snake on camera so we could all see the jaw dislocate, making Mrs G’s hair stand on end, watching chemical reactions and creating elephants toothpaste in front of our eyes and giving Mr Hitchens, Mrs G and Mr Wild and electric shock!

We were delighted to have Clara in school all day- she is well know by many pupils and all the staff as she is an ex pupil of ours. She has always been a hard worker and we are delighted to hear that next year she will be Penryn College’s head girl. Well done Clara. What a role model for our children – we are so proud of you here at Constantine…you didn’t even scream when you fed Kellogg’s the corn snake a mouse!