Mar 28 2015

Saying Goodbye to our Dinosaurs!

Our week started with an ‘extravaganza’ on Monday, so that parents could see what has been happening throughout the term. What a lovely afternoon with Mums, Dads, Grans and Granddads looking through books, visiting the dinosaur corner and being shown the classroom by their children. We had finished our clay dinosaurs and hidden them around the room! There were dinosaur biscuits to share and a few songs thanks to Mrs Micklem.
On Tuesday we had a very special visitor to help us with our life cycles and measuring. Mrs Micklem’s granddaughter Olivia arrived and we were able to compare sizes and find out what babies can do when they are one!
On Wednesday we took a trip back in time to Victorian Constantine to find out what life would have been like for miners and their families.Mrs Osgood joined us and was able to tell us all about Cornish hedges and some very interesting facts about trees. We found some beech seeds which we planted when we got back to school.
Our last piece of writing about dinosaurs was ‘How to trap a greedy dinosaur!’ There were some great ideas and everyone remembered to use time connectives.
Sad to say, our 3 dinosaur characters left on Friday, to go to very good homes! Martha made a multilink toothbrush to brush greedy dinosaur’s teeth before he left!
I wonder which characters will appear next term when we go deep into the Indian rainforest! Happy Easter to you all, remember to look out for rainforest books at the library.