SAT’S 26 May 2012

On Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday KS2 were doing SAT’S, you do long writing test, short writing test and maths test and…I can’t remember the other ones or I think that’s it…oh well. Also in SAT’S you have to be silent otherwise I think you need to start another paper. We sometimes do the SAT’S 1 before break time and 1 after. And in SAT’S we have differant books to do it in. We have unaded writing book, and I can’t remember the other books. Also children sit not next to each other but they sit at least 1 space away from each other because otherwise, someone might copy your work and you can’t do that in SAT’S because that is cheating.

SAT’S rusult’s are very competitive and I hope my SAT’S rusult’s are good because in 2 years time I will be in year 6 and on my last SAT’S test it will go away to be marked and I now why.

From Charley Gardner