Sats week 31 May 2012

On Monday I went to school for the start of sats week. Our first sats were the reading  test. As we went into Tamar the year 6 was gowing out of Tamar into the hall for there sats. When all of the year 6 were out of Tamar we went into Tamar for our sats. As our test began I found it difficult, because it was hard to concentrate .It took 45m but it felt like hours.

The next day Mr Anjari told us we had a long writing test, short writing test and spelling test. As the long writing test went on I found it easyer than the reading test and it felt like hafe a hour. After break we had are short writing test we got near to the end it got easier, but it felt like dayes to me. I foundour spelling test easier than the one in november.

On Wedensday we had the maths test and the mentel maths test. I was looking forward to the maths test. As the maths test began I was hoping I to get good marckes .The mentel maths test was harder than the maths test

The next day we had one more test before sats was over. But there was one more maths test, I think I did well but I can’t be sure I said to my self. After the sats where finshed eveyone parted.Thats the end of sats week.