Oct 1 2016

Rugby and Giant Hands!

Another busy week in Cober Class. We started by matching fairytale pictures to their title in Literacy and then labelling groups of bricks using more, less and fewer in Maths. In the afternoon, Alex helped finish the giant by cutting out giant hands. Great job Alex!

On Tuesday we started looking at castles and their features, finding out about how they were defended. We had a session in rugby on Tuesday too, what a great workout, we didn’t stop!

On Wednesday, we built castles, using natural materials. Lots of great thinking about good sites for putting our castles so they were easy to protect. On Thursday and Friday we wrote about features of castles and also thought about what to do when ‘stuck’. Finding ways to work independently and persevere with tasks is a big part of our learning this year.

Finally our maths was about finding castles with 10 Knights! The children had to work in teams to match two halves of a castle which made ten. Lots of paper and confusion at first, but then lots of talking and matching. Well done to Casey who found 10 by adding 4 parts of castles and Olly R who found 10 with 3 parts. A messy task, but great to see teams starting to work together and lots of counting.