Roller Skating 19 Jul 2011

This week Years 3 and 4 had an opportunity to try out roller skating. Out came the knee, elbow and wrist pads along with helmets and funky boots.  Throughout the day Martin our coach took us through th basics and we were all skating round the hall and ducking under obstacles (to varying degrees) by the end of an hour. The concentration and enjoyment on the children’s faces was a real spectacle to see. Some of the staff were very keen to have a go too! Here is what the children thought: ‘It’s great fun’, ‘It really hurts when you fall over’, ‘wo, this floor is slippery’, ‘I love it’, ‘This is brilliant but it’s so hard’, ‘Can we do it every week?’, ‘It’s harder than it looks’. We will be running a club in the first half of the Autumn Term where some children will get a chance to practice their skills weekly for 6 weeks. If it is as popular as it was today we may well be running it for more than half a term. Check out the photos:

By Mrs G