Oct 13 2015

Rock Pool Murderers!

We had a great day in Ferry Boat Beach rock pooling. In our topic ‘Awesome Oceans’ we are about to look in more detail at habitats and adaptations that enable different species to survive in these sea shore environments. We all learnt so much today. Our best finds were: An anemone murdering a shore crab on a whelk shell in front of our very eyes and a mermaids purse with a moving small spotted Catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula) embryo in it – check out the video clip below! Claire Scott who worked with us also works with the Shark Trust. She carefully used the tendrils to anchor it down, so hopefully it will stay in the water as it develops rather than being washed back in on the next tide. For more information on our rock pooling treasures take a look here: www.sharktrust.org/downloads