Oct 13 2016

RNLI crew member

This week we have started looking at different jobs at sea and Beth from St Agnes RNLI station came in to tell us all about her voluntary role. Did you know that St Agnes is one of the 14 RNLI stations in Cornwall? The best part of her job is working with a great team and rescuing people but the worst part is being woken up by her pager going off at 3am sometimes! All training is on the job once you turn 18 (or at 17 with your parents permission).

Beth has been in the crew for 8 years now. She is a geologist and is on carries her pager all the time in case there is a shout where the lifeboat is needed to help. She let us try on her kit and some of it was very heavy. It sounds great and many of us would like to be volunteers in the future.