Nov 18 2020

Remembrance Drama with Lerryn

Last week Lerryn class enjoyed learning some drama skills. They have been learning how to use their body to convey different emotions, and make a tableau.

Our session started with a warm up game involving 4 moves where we had to do the opposite action, the whole class were very good at following the instructions, there was no catching them out. We then moved on to how we would use our bodies to convey emotions. The children were very good at showing how the emotion changes how they move as well as their facial expressions and were able to correctly guess the emotion each child was portraying.

We finished off our session by making a tableau representing a scene from the Poppies remembrance video that we watched in class. The children could choose which scene they wanted to portray, most groups opted for the poignant war scene, but no two tableaus were the same.

After our session we chatted about what we had learned or enjoyed about the session and I think the children’s quotes show just how much they enjoyed the session.

“A freeze frame is when you stay still like a photo.”


“I learnt how to think before doing an action which helped me win the opposites game”


“Drama makes me have more energy to face the day and makes me feel calm and relaxed”


The children requested that we do more drama, so watch this space for further updates.