Jun 25 2014

RE Day

Our aim was to invite people from as many beliefs as possible to share w the the children how their faith affects their lives: in the way that they think and act. In the end we had 10 volunteers from faiths as wide spread as Baha’i to Orthodox Christians, Humanist to Buddhist.

In the morning workshops the children had the chance to interact with the speakers closely, while our Sikh-inspired langar had everyone in the hall sitting on the floor with their heads covered, to experience equality and respect before God. Our artistic creations led by teachers in the afternoon gave the children a chance to learn about the range of faiths in another way, before a sharing assembly in which we brought together the main themes of the day.

Thank you so much to the volunteers, the staff and the children for bringing a strong spirit of openness and inquiry to the whole day. As one child said at the end “Thank you for the chance to eat in a different way and wear headscarves because it shows me that doing things differently is enjoyable and fun.”