May 28 2016

Rainforests and Maths!

We started the week with a visit from Miss Querk, who brought in some treasures to show us! Lots of brilliant shape work followed from this, well done Cober. On Tuesday we visited Glebe Garden with its magnificent giant tree and gunnera. Mr Wild led us into a secret area where the trees make a dark and damp place similar to the Rainforest floor. What an experience and well done to Oliver who talked about chinks of light! After a muddy session there, we returned spotting wild flowers and trees on our sheets. Lots of enthusiastic nature detectives, lots of great thinking about which animals might live in the trees.
Our bug hotels are now finished and we have added warning signs to keep people away! After half term we will see whether any bugs have moved in to our man made habitats.
On Thursday, we returned to number bond diagrams and number sentences, using multi link to support our understanding. Good team work and lots of quick learning. Friday continued the maths theme but this time within Literacy. We based some time sequencing on our Rainforest book, Midnight Tiger. Although we haven’t completed the task, the children were ordering time words, clocks, ordinal numbers and events in the story. A tricky puzzle on puzzle Friday!
In science we grouped animals and started thinking about characteristics of different types, such as mammals and reptiles, linking this with our rainforest animals.

Enjoy half term and don’t forget to practise your rainforest pathway of words ready for our phonic screening in the second week back! We look forward to welcoming some new children keen to join our rainforest explorers!