Jul 2 2016

Rainforest Stories

We started the week by planning our story, explaining how our animal became colourful. We then explored some ideas about our character adding adjectives to make an interesting description. By Thursday, we were ready to start our introductions for our stories, which we completed on Friday! This time we concentrated on shorter but more structured stories, with sentences, good language and sequencing sentence starters. Some great results, which will be displayed by the middle of next week!

In Maths, we are focusing on division. Well done to Imogen for remembering the link between multiplication and division. We did lots of grouping and sharing with bricks and objects. On Wednesday miss Puxley had groups practising capacity outside, lots of good pouring and measuring!

on Friday we tried programming the robot on A.L.E.X, trying to complete levels which needed a lot of thinking about position and directions! Some tricky challenges but well done to Zephrin, Nina, Hannah, Theo, Aoife, Demelza, Calixto and Tilly who were ICT whizzes!

We have already had some Rainforests in a box, which was homework this week! Some amazing results, thank you.