Apr 30 2016

Rainforest Explorers

We have now started writing about the rainforest and its layers after completing our illustration. The role play corner is already filling up with animals made for homework! Thanks to Hannah, Lowen and Tilly for their monkeys, Jaguars and snakes. Zephrin has made a great monkey which hangs upside down as well as bringing in some footprints to add more excitement in the corner!
Miss Paine asked us to write a setting in the rainforest and the children produced some excellent results. Lots of great descriptions and facts. Oliver wrote about the jaguar ‘catching prey with its silent claws’ and Lizzie caught ‘a glimpse’. Well done Cober class! It was very difficult to choose just 2 awesome authors, but well done to Archie and Lizzie.
On Wednesday there were some brilliant macaw masks created. They will join the jaguar masks on the outside display soon.
What a great Cookathon on Thursday! The children enjoyed the task of making a cottage pie with the whole school. What a fantastic experience, thanks to Mrs Moyle for her excellent organisation.
On Friday afternoon we were visited by Maggie’s ducklings! What a lovely end to another busy week in Cober Class!

We are looking forward to seeing some photographs of the Amazon on Tuesday next week. Violet’s mum is bringing in some slides and we will be able to find out more about what a rainforest is like.