May 14 2016

Rainforest Animals

We completed our research on animals in the rainforest and are now typing a description of our homework animal. Well done to Isaac, Nina, Rosa and Kitty who have finished their piece of writing. It was tricky learning keyboard skills!
In phonics, we had to find the aliens some words to eat! Each alien had a vowel phoneme in their name and we had to find words with those phonemes for them! Tricky when phonemes can be spelt in different ways. We have a great display of our ‘alien phoneme eaters’, so come and look!
Snake masks were created on Wednesday with Miss Puxley and will soon appear on our display outside the classroom. What a range of animals we will have when they are all finished.
Mrs Moyle and Mrs Sampson came to Cober on Thursday to do some cooking. We made Brazilian biscuits and they were delicious.
Finally, our maths puzzle was all about rainforest animals, focusing on more and less. Some excellent problem solving from Violet, Imogen, Rosa and Hannah. It was lovely to see our puzzle solved in so many different ways, using number lines, 100 squares and multi link as well as fingers!

Bug hotels next week, let’s hope the weather is fine. Unfortunately we had to postpone the garden walk last week but are hoping to go on 23rd May, when Mrs O is back. IMG_4772.JPG