Mar 23 2017

Puddle Maths

What is the best way to teach 6 and 7 year olds about capacity? We started off with the syringes used to give out Calpol, to start thinking about small amounts of liquid and why standard units and measure are important. We wouldn’t want to be given Calpol with a serving spoon!

We then ventured outside with a range of different spoons and containers, and made puddles with small amounts of water in millilitres, so that we could see and feel what 20ml was like. We progressed to put these ml amounts into a litre container, and saw how a litre looked in a cube, cylinder and bottle. Different sizes, lengths and widths but an equal capacity.

Finally, we looked at larger amounts, like a big bottle and a bucket of water. We estimated how much water those containers held and made a 12 litre puddle. We were impressed at the estimates of how big a 12 litre puddle would be!