PSHE Drug Education-Alcohol 26 Oct 2012

Helford Class have been learning all about ‘Alcohol’ as a drug this half term. They know many facts including:

  • What alcohol is
  • The effects it has on the person drinking it
  • The effects on other people
  • Reasons why people drink
  • Safe drinking limits and advice

The children worked in groups of 4 to produce a booklet all about alcohol and then had to share this information with others. Their work is amazing and Mrs G is very pleased with them all.

In Maths we were measuring and looking at scales, so decided to make non-alcoholic cocktails. Each child carefully measured out 30ml of different fruit juices, addded lemonade, ice, fruit and decorations before serving. The last task was to advertise their cocktails, think up a catchy name and describe how to make it.