Poetry Prize Winners 26 Sep 2013











Congratulations to Oceana and Kian, who won 1st and 3rd prizes in the 7-11 age group for their poetry inspired by Launceston’s Charles Causley. The works were written last term at the end of our six week collaboration with Kernow Education and Arts Partnership (KEAP). We are really proud of them and are sure that you will enjoy their writing as much as we and the judges did!


THE YOUNG MAN OF CURY by Oceana Selman


The power of a word.


One sunny day when the sand was settled,

A man was fishing and saw a nestled piece of gold in the sand.

He fished it out and slipped it on to his salty ring finger,

When he saw a linger of fish swimming in the turquoise sea.

He was hungry but did not want to fish them out.

So he left them.


In amazement,

In one second,

He fell in to the water and started

Changing – he was growing flippers and fins.


He grew golden gills and fins

That glow in the dark flow,

He had the waviest tail

A dolphin could ever have.

He was a beautiful creature

With silver-like glow sticks in his tail and emerald eyes with a cut above.


The power of the seas moaned the word settle,

And the cut disappeared.


So now when his son has a cut,

He says




Oceana said: “I liked it because it had words that made you want to read more and I like the sea a lot and that is a big part of it. When I read ‘half of her body was gold’ I thought of The Hobbit  and then with the silver I thought of the ring. I like it because The Young Man of Cury is a curious one.”


I AM A YOUNG SCOTSMAN by Kian Gallagher


I am a young Scotsman, I bathe on the side of the pebbles.

I glide two fingers two and fro the stained glass sea, to hope my true love will come to me.


Last time I met her, hair was silvery gold

Her face was like a snowflake delicate but one-of-a-kind.


She gave me a blessing a pebble to go, made of marble she say.


And now when I bathe on the costal pebbles I dream that I am still with her,

I see her every time I close my blistered eyes,

I imagine she’s in front of me in her plastered seaweed green dress with clams that decorate it in pattern that’s has never been seen before.


At night I’m glued to my bed in dreams that will stay with me all my life,

and they are all about her.


Kian said: “I was inspired by the language and where it was set. Causley managed to get the sea to sound like paradise from just the normal sea.”