Poetry – creating images 6 Apr 2011

Enjoy these fantastic poems, from March 2011, on the subject of creating images. Each one is good enough to be published, but not everyone got them typed up in the lesson!


Money is your life and is like a copper plate you can eat from,

Money is as round as the sun but is as thin as it likes to be,

You can get money on paper like it has been drawn from scratch or you can get it on metal like a cold hand grasping at you,

Money is our friend and whispers to you like a week voice from nowhere,

                   Money is one, of us……….

by Armin

What my sleep is?

Dim dark room

I’m sleeping

It’s as dark as coal

My hands shiver

My sleep is

by Aden

A Stormy Night

A fire engine on a spider’s back charging down

A hill at a tough wrestler on a stormy night.

 by  Ben 

Fire fire burning bright


Fire fire burning bright

I see the light in the night

So long as I keep with you, I will be good in the night.

Fire fire burning bright

The sun is bright like the light

The moon is like a knight in the night in the star in the space

Fire fire burning bright

I love the sun the space and the stars

I love the world just like it is

The sun is like my brother in the sky

Fire fire burning bright

I love my mum just like that

I love my poem just as much

by Finn


I can hear

The birds singing

Like a choir of birds

The daffodils flutter and dance

They surround us as we eat our picnic

by Vera



Red as red as a ripe tomato,

Orange as orange as the mane on a lion,

Yellow as yellow as the sand on a beach,

Green as green as a beautiful bush,

Blue as blue as the clear sky,

Indigo as indigo as a rosebud,

Violet as violet as the sunset,

Rainbow as rainbow as a diamond shining through the light.      

by Joanna   


The World I live in

Why thank you Lord for the pleasant features of the World you created,

The legendary myths that our ancestors maybe passed on,

The beautiful countries inside the continents of the World,

And the gorgeous plants swaying and dancing in the breeze.

The sandy beaches of amazing landscapes, the glistening rivers, lakes and ponds making gentle noises as if they were in a choir,

And the fascinating objects we touch,

But most of all thank you for letting us enjoy such an amazing

World we live in. 

by Molly

Lizard like

 The lizard as posionous as black bombs

The lizard not as cute as kittans

The lizard scaly like meateors from space

The scaly lizard harsh as weapons

The lizard sharp like knifes as sharp as gold and guns and as sharp as our toe nails

The scaly lizard is a fantastic  swimmer like giant boats

The lizards teeth like axe blades that they use  for breaking doors

by Lucas