May 21 2017

Poetry and Place Value!

Last week we started gathering words for our sea poetry. We listened to poems and then created descriptive phrases with lots of adjectives and even some similes! On Tuesday we shared our ideas and in pairs started to collect phrases we wanted in our poems. Well done to Adi who made small changes to some of the phrases, great independent thinking!

Our next step was to make a draft poem by reorganising these ideas in our poetry pairs and then adding more descriptive detail or expanding ideas! The children found this tricky at first but we’re soon enjoying the task, keen to share their developing poems with Mrs Bancroft! She was delighted by our enthusiasm and powerful language.

Next week we will complete our masterpieces, which we hope to share in assembly.

In Maths we have begun to compare 2 digit numbers now, by looking at tens and ones. We have used Cuisenaire rods and Multibase to help us make numbers and next week we will be ordering and finding ways to add and subtract larger numbers.

At  the end of the week we were able to get out to see the pond and search for tadpoles. Sadly we only got a glimpse of two! However we were able to see a great snail hotel made by Adilena, Emily, Lucy and Henry. It is very encouraging to see children taking care of wildlife.

Next week the children are visiting the Tolmen Centre to find out about miners in Constantine and will be able to handle some interesting artefacts from the museum.