Play Leaders 12 Feb 2013

Our school is extremely lucky to have some brilliant Play Leaders. At lunchtime their role is to lead games and engage children in playtimes. The play leaders have training with Mrs Gilbert and come up with lots of play ideas and games that can be led by themselves with lots of exciting equipment. They have many new ideas and plan activities just like the teachers do to ensure playtimes are fun for all children and especially the younger ones. Also the play leaders are gaining great leadership skills.

What Hollie says about play leaders: The play leaders have their own shed full of balls, bats, objects to throw, catch and build and even have wheely boards! To join in with the Play Leaders come and find them every day after lunch. Popular games include obstacle courses, ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf ?’ and ‘Grandmas little footsteps’. It’s great because it not only helps kids to be active but it enables them to enjoy their playtimes and look forward to them too. 
Recently we had a new soft black play area made next to the field so this is where the play leaders mostly organise their games. Some play leaders give away stickers to the best behaved children each lunchtime too!
Here are the play leaders for this year: