Planning Forest Schools 14 Mar 2013

As a school our staff have decided to introduce planning ideas for a Forest School. Pupils were confused about what a ‘Forest School’, so I interviewed Mr Anjari (Kenwyn class teacher) to find out some answers.

Why are you looking into Forest Schools?                                                                                                                                        It was actually Mr Hitchens who first mentioned Forest Schools. He heard there was a Forest School opportunity and thought that we were a school that was interested in outdoor activities.

What do think are the benafits of having a Forest School? 

It will help pupil learn about the real world and nature, and being outside, makes children happy.

Do you think there are any problems with having the Forest School?

It might disturb the focus of other subjects like Maths or Literecy.

Finally did any of the staff disagree with having a Forest School?                                                                                                                                        No I think that there really excited about it; they will enjoy it as much as the kids I’m sure!

By Chelsea

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