Sep 24 2017

Pisto Con Huevos

Tamar thoroughly enjoyed making (and eating) pisto con huevos (Spanish ratatouille topped with baked eggs) last week, served with a fresh tomato salsa and handmade flatbreads. The dish is a Spanish classic – very healthy, vibrant and tasty and vegetarian! Some of the ingredients even came from our school garden and greenhouse.

The classroom was full of Mediterranean smells and ingredients as everybody was busy preparing some part of the meal. Once finished, the children all sat and enjoyed the meal they had prepared and cooked together. It was a resounding success and many children were surprised by how much they liked the meal which just goes to show what getting children involved cooking can do.

Thanks so much to Mrs Skewes and Mrs Moyle for their commitment and expertise to providing high quality cooking experiences for the children in our school.