Feb 1 2018

Peer Massage

Peer massage through massage in school (MISP) is a favourite in Y4. All classes at CPS use this so that every child attending school experiences positive and nurturing touch.

There are three main aspects to the MISP:

• An ethos of respect and choice as every child is asked for permission before massage and has the right to say ‘no’.
• A 10-15 minute clothed daily massage routine on the head, back, arms and hands, led by an adult.
• A range of activities, which use visualisation and kinaesthetic learning and encourage positive touch throughout the curriculum.

The MISP is inclusive; every child can join in. Year 4 have designed their own ‘water cycle’ massage, where each move has a name linked to the stages of the water cycle they have been learning about through their oceans topic.

The best thing about peer massage is:

Emma: I love massage as it relaxes me

Zach: It helps me calm down

Isabel: It’s a quiet, peaceful time

Caspar: It clears my head ready for the next activity

Valerie: Moving tide is the one I like best, either side of my spine

Aidan: Elijah is really good at giving a massage, I like being his partner.