Oct 16 2014


PCSO Wood from Falmouth Police Station came to our Class today to tell us more about alcohol and its miss use. He was really impressed with our knowledge about the effects of alcohol, safer drinking limits and reasons why people drink. He told us some great facts about when the drinking laws came in and what happens now if someone drives having been drinking. Did you know that the first lecensing act came into effect in 1872 and if anyone was thought to be under the influence of alcohol whilst in control of a horse and carriage a cow or even a steam engine the immediate fine was 14 shillings and they were sent to prison. Now, can you believe that our government (who make the laws), think it is safe to have up to 35 micrograms of alcohol per 100ml of breath. We know that any amount of alcohol consumed affects the way people react and behave. Kenwyn Class say: Zero units allowed if you are driving!