We are an integral part of Constantine village and the school plays an active part in village life. The school has a flourishing association with The Friends of Constantine School which serves to promote goodwill and understanding between the staff and the community in which we live. You can find out more about our area by clicking on the pictures.

Over the year we enjoy exploring, supporting and taking part in a number of village events which include the lantern parade, harvest festival, christingle, visiting Bluebell Woods, sailing in the Helford and of course having our end of year show at the Tolman Centre!

Cornwall Music Service Trust: An increasing number of our pupils are receiving musical instrument tuition through the CMST.  As they continue to develop their playing, there are opportunities to build on this later through county wide ensembles and performance opportunities.

Helford River Sailing Trust: A group of up to 15 children from Years 4 – 6 head down to the Helford Passage each Wednesday from April to October. The children are involved in an innovative programme of accelerated learning, designed to build confidence and self-esteem which, in turn, has proven to accelerate academic learning. The fact that it also happens to be great fun is an added bonus! The Trust provides the opportunity for every child in the schools they serve to:

  • learn to kayak and sail single-handed
  • discover love and respect for the sea
  • gain confidence for life
  • accelerate academic learning

Penryn College: We have strong links with Penryn College, who this year have provided specialist input for PE and music.  Pupils have this year taken part in a collaborative performing arts project (Archie Dobson’s War) at Penryn College along with other Penryn Partnership schools.

St. Constantine Church: Rev Stuart regularly joins us in school and also invites us to the church several times a year.

Constantine Guides & Brownies: Many of our children attend Constantine Brownie and Guide sessions each week at the village church hall. Those girls who are members are encouraged to wear their Brownie uniform to school on special occasions in order to promote the group. Members of Beaver and Cub groups are also encouraged to wear their uniforms.

The Cottage Garden Show:   The Summer Show is held on the 3rd Saturday of July in the marquee on the recreation field. The whole school get involved every year and art and craft categories are made especially for the school so every child can enter at least one item which will be displayed for the duration of the show.

Constantine Kids Club:  A great facility for children from 4 to 11 years. For short term planned or emergency supervision by trained staff.  Outdoor activities are always on offer with the use of the school field, playground and adventure areas as  well as fun things to do indoors. All children are welcome. Call Mrs Sach in the school office to book your child in 01326 340554.

Constant Times: Produced by the Constantine Enterprises Company, Tolmen Centre, Constantine. This publication provides news, share views and publicises events. Virtually every edition features at least one article about Constantine School. It is a great way of sharing our experiences with the community and a way in which the school can learn about its village community.  Local parents will receive the newsletter automatically and those out of catchment can obtain one from the school reception or view the latest edition online.

We are very lucky to have an excellent Pre-School located right next door to the school. Although the Pre-School is managed and run by an independent team, we all work closely together and the Pre-School make the most of some of the facilities on site and it also provides us with the chance to get to know families before they even start school. This positive relationship that we have then helps to make the transition for parents and children much easier.

We would welcome visits from any parents who are thinking about sending their child to our school – please contact the school secretary to make an appointment.

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