Kids’ Club – Wrap Around Care

Constantine Kid’s Club offers wrap-around care for all our children.

Current times and fees and staffing arrangements are as follows (please note that during Covid restrictions timings are different on Friday afternoons):

 Before SchoolFee StaffAfter SchoolFeeStaff

0800 – 0845£4.00Mrs Jones
Mrs Stocks
Miss Potts
1515 – 1715£4.50 per hour 
Late Fee £2.00
Mr Ireland
Miss Potts
Mrs Gay
Mrs Alexander
Miss Comyn
Friday0800 – 0845£4.00 1300 – 1600£4.50 per hour
Late Fee £2.00

All Kids Club sessions must be booked in advance via the school office to ensure we have adequate staffing ratios. Payment is by ParentPay.

After school, hungry children are offered a range of snacks.

We try to be outside as much as possible; when the weather is suitable, children of all ages love playing together on the field, in the school garden, in the playground and on the climbing wall.

In poor weather, indoor activities include drawing, crafting and playing with construction toys.

Kids Club also offers an opportunity for children to read, practise their spellings and tables and complete their homework with adult support.

If you would like any more information, please contact the school office.