Local Advisory Board

In TLAT, the Board of Directors will set up a committee in each Academy which is known as the Local Advisory Board (LAB). Unlike a Governing Body, of a maintained school, a LAB is not a legal entity in its own right. It has a similar status to a committee of a maintained Governing Body and the powers and responsibilities that they have are those which are delegated to them by the Board.

As a charity and company limited by guarantee, The Learning Academy Trust (Multi Academy Trust the “Trust”) is governed by a Board of Trustees (the “Trustees”) who have overall responsibility and ultimate decision making authority for all the work of the Trust, including the establishing and running of the academies run by the Trust.

The following academies are currently run by the Trust:  Trenance Learning Academy, St. Newlyn East Learning Academy, Falmouth Primary Academy, Foxhole Learning Academy, The Bishops CEVA Learning Academy, St. Merryn Primary School, Trevisker Primary School, Constantine Primary School, Mabe Community School and Leedstown Primary School (each one the “Academy” or collectively the “Academies”).

In order to assist with the discharge of their responsibilities, the Trustees have established a Local Advisory Board (“LAB”) in each of the Academies.  The LAB shall be a committee established pursuant to Articles 100 to 104 (inclusive) of the Articles of Association of the Trust (the “Articles”).

Constantine Primary School has an Interim Local Advisory Board.  The Academy are supported by both the ILAB and directly by the Board of Trustees in this interim period.


Membership of the Interim Local Advisory Board:

Andy Brumby – Director of Achievement

Emma French – Safeguarding Lead

Matt Mullaly – Chair

Jeremy Dawson – Parent elected

Jude Caroll – Community

Jo Clark – Community

Charlotte Savage – Staff

Caroline Gilbert – Head of School

Claire Smith – Executive Head Teacher

Members of the LAB play a key role in supporting the Board to fulfil their statutory, contractual and regulatory duties. Members of the LAB will share the responsibilities delegated to the LAB by the Board which are set out in the Scheme of Delegation.
If you would like to contact any members of the Local Advisory Board, then please go through the school secretary.
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Judith Carroll

I started teaching for the Inner London Education Authority in Finsbury Park in 1973 and finally retired in Cornwall in 2016. My career took me to schools in the city, the town and in rural areas. In London, it involved me in teaching and creating resources for children for whom English was an additional language, in initiatives to combat racism in schools and in taking full advantage of the buzz and excitement of inner city life both in schools and out. I married in 1980 and our son was born in 1982.

I left London in 1990 to take up the deputy headship of a school in Yeovil, Somerset, which broadened my horizons in a period of change. The introduction of The National Curriculum and schools’ responsibility for their own budgets gave us a lot to think about back then. In 1996-7 I was seconded to Ofsted (an interesting experience).

In 2000 I arrived in Constantine where I had a variety of jobs, including Head’s Relief, class teacher, Co-ordinator for English and History and SENCO.

Post retirement I have become a committed volunteer at Helston Museum, helping to run education workshops and welcoming visitors at the front desk. My community is important to me and the museum is at the heart of Helston. Of course, I take part in Flora Day celebrations as a prickly old hedge in the Hal-an-Tow.

It has been a pleasure since my retirement to remain in touch with Constantine School, volunteering for occasional stints at camp or helping children to enjoy their writing.

As LAB governor I hope that all my years of involvement in education will be of assistance in helping the school to continue to be one where children learn in a vibrant, adventurous and supportive atmosphere.

Jude Carroll