Jun 9 2021

Our local celebrity, Edith

This week, Edith had the honour of collecting her certificate and prize for her beautiful G7 poem at an official presentation in Falmouth.  Not only did she bring tears to readers at school, but a member of the Cabinet who did the presentation followed after Edith at the end to express her love for the poem and said that it made her cry – your words are so powerful. Edith, we are all so very proud of you, our local celebrity.  

In case you have not had the chance to read Edith’s poignant poem, here it is;

Nature comes in sizes big and tiny, tall and small. 

As you rush past our Cornish hedgerows, only leaving a speck of red, as red as a robin’s breast, slow down, as slow as a snail. 

Listen to the bird singing loudly, as loudly as a lion’s roar. 

Listen to the patter of rain drops, falling on the path and the drops beating like drums.  

Acorns fall in Autumn as blossoms bloom in Spring.  If the birds don’t sing and the rain did not fall, listen to the wind and the gale. 

Gaze at glossy daffodil fields and bold foxglove patches.  Pink, purple and white.  

Let howling wind blow, like a growling wolf. 

Let the weather and nature guide you to lands and deserts and soft silky beaches, and wet blue seas. 

Think of nature and how we, us humans, can help it.  

Just wonder, what if it wasn’t all here?