May 15 2015

Our Characters for Storytelling

At last we have finished our paper plate animals and are now writing about them. Some of them will be characters in our storytelling so we are thinking about interesting names! This writing is being done on the computer, so we have all practised logging on and typing. We have also learnt how to check spelling and edit our writing.
In Maths we have used arrow cards to help us count in 10s. Some of us have been able to work without equipment, just by counting forwards or back in 10s. Well done to Daisy, Imogen and Jessica for great puzzle solving this week, we were grouping monkeys in trees!
Make sure you look at our new ‘outdoor learning’ display. There are photos from our walk to Glebe Gardens and planting in our school garden.
Thank you to Lydia for bringing in a bug hotel. This has started us designing our own, which we will make next week. Do not forget to bring in stuff to add to your hotel to attract the bugs! We have also got to think about making them waterproof. Another great project for next week!IMG_3140.JPGIMG_3141.JPGIMG_3102.JPGIMG_3132.JPG