One metre squared 19 Mar 2014

So how big is one metre squared? The children in Helford Class have been learning about area and perimeter and are a dab hand at calculating these for regular and some irregular shapes on squared paper, but can they do it in the real world? We discussed the area of one metre squared which was surprisingly tricky for them so off we went to make this size for real. Many children were surprised at just how big it was compared to one centimetre squared. We then had a challenge to use pebbles (or cubes) to make an area. Adding the least amount of cubes possible we had to double the area but maintain a rectangular shape. Arthur and Aiden were very successful at this (maybe because they were working with a smaller area to start with and had less measuring to do as they used their handspans as a length).
Our whole class of 25 children managed to stand inside a space of two metres squared.