Olympic Flame 26 May 2012

This week I was prety excited because of the olympics.I cept going on about wenlock and mandivile.On satarday me and Noah went to see the olympic torch,Noah was a little suprised to see that it had so much escort,he was also suprised to see that the torch was a golden thing with 8000 holes in it.I would like to know what the paralympic games are,they sound wierd but,fun I think there for disabled people.I think wenlock is for the olympics and mandivile is the paralympics.When I was playing on minecraft it was night and I had to run away from swarms of zombies,they sort of make pig noises when you hit them.At home there is a black bird wich is getting really tame we call her Bonnie she has got a little white spot on her head.One of my ants in my ant farm died the other day,he was called Bill.We’ve just been on a walk and saw:a rooks nest and 2 fox cubs.