Net to Plate 22 May 2014

A fantastic day was had by all in Helford Class at Newlyn. Mapping out our journey as we travelled by coach we spotted and labelled maps of our west Cornwall. On arrival we met our host Andy and he told us so much about fishing, our culture the heritage our our wonderful county.
We set off in groups and visited a fish mongers, the fish market and shell fish tanks. We all saw the biggest lobster ever and it was going to be sold for £100! It was amazing to see and handle so many types of fish and learn their names and all about the different ways they are caught, conservation methods and the depths at which they are caught. We even weighed some children, have they fishy names and had an auction with Monopoly money to learn about how the fish is sold for the best price possible every morning at the fish market. Thank you Sea Food Cornwall for such a wonderful opportunity. Take a look at our photos: