Mya’s test week 26 May 2012

Mya’s test week

On Monday I had my Reading  test, I think I did really well. After that I had Maths, we did Angels it was fun. In the Reading test we read about dragonflies and their life cycle, I also learnt that dragonflies are not born as dragonflies, their born as Nymph , they are mud brown and have razor sharp claws that shoot out and catches it’s pray.            

On Tuesday we did our writing tests, first we did our long writing test, we had to write about what and why we would like to spend the schools money on. I said equipment (that was one of them), after break we did our short writing test and we had two pictures and we had to write a description about what it would be like in summer and winter (they were our two pictures we had in the booklet), it was fun.

On Wednesday we did our maths test (with a calculator) and a mental maths test (without a calculator), I preferred the mental maths test, because it was a shorter test and it made it easier, showing how I worked  out the questions also helped me see what I was doing( in my head!).

On Thursday  we did Etigami ,which is a powder that is watered down to make a type of ink, we used this to paint pictures of fruits, in Etigami you don’t fill in the whole picture you always leave some gaps white.

Friday the Queen (Mr Jones) visited our class, she told us that due to the shortage of our golden time, she would reward us with minutes if we completed her challenge. Her challenge was to find out as much as we could about her past and her upcoming   Diamond Jubilee, we succeeded and earned ourselves 15 minutes, and it was very interesting.    
By Mya