My week at school 26 May 2012

My week at school was hardwork,fun,tiring and exciting because it was sats week. I enjoyedit because I got to write what ever I liked, on some days it was hard becausewe had maths aswell. All or the year 4 and 6. Iliked all of yaer 5 together because no one was better than pupils. On Monday -first day of the week, was very tiring because I had sailind as well as sats week it was my first time with constantine school. I loved it because I went with my friend Evie and we went in a Opye around a figer of a eight. we walked from  Bar beach to the car park socing wet in are watsuit , then we got dressed in are warm clothes and droped the remaning pupils off at school. whot a bisy day. I can`t wate for next week.

by Polly