May 11 2015

My Charlotte

As the taxi stopped at Mogan market in Grand Canaria, my eyes widened at the amount of people. We climbed out of the taxi and began to walk down the blistering hot ground into the crowded market. Hanging over the stalls where awnings shading the shoppers and stall owners from the sun and sunstroke. As we started to walk down the path my eye was caught on an object, I walked closer hoping to get a better look .The object sparkled in the sun light as the bright rays hit it. Stood away from it, it looked like a shining star! As I drew closer I could just work out what it was…it was a glass, blue ,dolphin. Its beautiful structure was amazingly done! Its dazzling face stood out from the others, and there where at least five of them. There where, horses ,birds ,giraffes ,roses and lots more .That dolphin was just to beautiful to be bought by anyone else .Suddenly I saw a boy pointing to the dolphin saying “that one dad ,I want that one!”. My eyes started to water, I felt a pang of dismay and sadness, a shiver snuck up my spine as if the dolphin was attached to me! I went hot and sweaty from the man’s blow torch making the ornaments .The stall keeper saw that I was upset ,and acted quickly and said: ”I’m ever so sorry…!” the man began “but this ornament has been sold…but there is this small giraffe !” the man finished .The young boys spirit lifted,”oooo ,yes I really like that…please dad can I have it?” the boy pleaded “five euros” .After the boy was gone ,the stall owner smiled at me ,I smiled back. Both of us were happy, including the stall keeper,  and that made me skip on though Mogan market.