Mar 28 2017

Mr Day, ‘The Visualiser’

This afternoon Marc Day came to speak to us about triangles, and how he uses triangles to make 3D images of things like people and houses. We really enjoyed learning about how shapes can be used in real life, and doing this can be someone’s job! We then tried to use triangles to create out own 3D shapes, and were amazed when the 3D shapes “came out at us” on the page. Thanks so much to Marc for coming to speak to us today.

Children said:

“It doesn’t look like it was made from triangles but it was – I’m really surprised.”

“I’ve learnt how to make 3D cubes. I didn’t know how to do that before.”

“The first time I did it I did a hexagon then I couldn’t see each face. Mr Dat coloured them in so you could see each face really clearly.”