Mouth-watering Mars Bar Maths 20 Apr 2012

In Maths today we had three chairs, six Mars Bars, and ten people, and those ten people had to get as much Mars Bar as possible. There were three Mars Bar on one chair, two on another and three on the other. You would go up and stand behind the chair where you would get the most Mars Bar.

Itr was really fun and I learnt a bit more about fractions, like what one-third looks like and how to split a whole into other things.

by Mya


In today’s Maths lesson we had three chairs that had some Mars Bars on. The first had one Mars Bar, the second had two and the last had three Mars Bars. We did it twice. The second time Grace and Lily went up. We had two people from each group that hadn’t had a go and two that did have a go.

It was fun and I learnt about fractions. Last time I got really confused about having the number of bars on the bottom or the top. Now I understand it a lot better.


by Grace