Mar 21 2015

Mixing Science and Dinosaurs!

We learnt a lot about teeth this week and then linked this to our topic by writing a letter to Greedy Dinosaur to remind him to look after his teeth! Some children decided he needed to find a bird that would pick out bits of food, like the story of the crocodile bird. Great idea! Amy made us all smile by ending her letter, “Don’t eat the dentist!”
Our last piece of writing on dinosaurs will be, ‘How to catch a Greedy dinosaur’. We have started planning our instructions and how we will lure the velociraptor. Next week is a busy one, but we hope to complete our instructions.
Please remember Monday afternoon at 2:30, our dinosaur extravaganza. You will be shown around the classroom, offered biscuits and will have the opportunity to look through our books to see what we have been doing.
We made biscuits; spot the photo with tyrannosaurus looking over Emma’s shoulder!

Sadly, next week is our last week of dinosaurs. Next term we will be entering the rainforest of India to find tigers! Another exciting topic to expand our learning, writing and reading skills!

Challenge: 2 team points if you can tell me who made us laugh at the end of their letter this week?IMG_2772.JPGIMG_2775.JPG