Mini Camp for Y3 and 4 18 Jul 2012

Early in July Years 3 and 4 had a mini camp experience over two days. Activities included adventure quarrying, rock climbing, abseiling, Canoeing, walking, and body boarding. An evening BBQ was enjoyed at Mrs Brand’s house. This is what some of the children thought about it:

Jamie: Great fun

Tyler: I got to have lots of fun with my frineds

Max: I loved playing on the trampoline

Kian: It was the best time ever

Jay: Canoeing was the best thing as we played water hockey. It was hard but fun.

Finlay: I really liked canoeing and learning to use a paddle.

Morwenna: Abseiling was exciting. I had never done it beofre.

Ella: I loved it all; climbing, abseiling, sleeping over at school and making a camp site of our own.

 Here are some pictures to show what we were getting up to: