Merlin 9 Feb 2011

Tamar Class have just started using Merlin. Merlin is a Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) supported by the South West Grid For Learning (SWGFL). It allows children to join discussions, collaborate, upload and download documents and much more. All the children in Tamar class have a Merlin user name and password.

Next half term, children in Kenwyn Class will be introduced to Merlin.

Here’s what some of the children in Tamar Class have said about Merlin recently:

Merlin is perfect and I love going on it!!!! (Megan)

I think Merlin is the best! (Mhairi)

Merlin is great and helpful for homework. (Leila)

Merlin is great the best part is doing the v- me, but it’s all immense. (Zack)

MERLIN IS GREAT!!! It’s got everything basically – all you want – and I think the v-me thing is cool! (Owen)