Maths and science combined outdoors 14 May 2014

We had an exciting lesson in the glorious sunshine today which combined maths and science. We learned to use an acetate square cm grid to find the area of leaves. For many of the children, the concept of area was a brand new one, as was the idea of a square cm. The largest leaf we found that could be measured on an A5 grid was a sycamore leaf which was 139 square cm!
The children were asked to find a variety of leaf forms and to measure their area and then order their leaves from largest to smallest area.






Rhos found some goosegrass and asked what made it so sticky. Back in the classroom we looked at it under the digital microscope and found that it was covered in tiny hooks, rather like Velcro, so next we looked at the Velcro on Robbie’s shoe and found some similarities. We also talked about why the goosegrass was ‘sticky’ and children suggested some great reasons, including helping the plant travel and disperse its seeds. What a fabulous outdoor lesson!





Goosegrass under digital microscope


Velcro under digital microscope