Marcus Aurelius 4 Feb 2012

My name is Marcus Aurelius and it is AD43. I am a Legionary from Rome and have had an easy life in Gaul up to now. Now Emperor Claudius wants to conquer Britannia, where we are told the soil is fertile, metals plentiful and the people primitive. What will we find?

Consequently I am on a galley crossing the stormy English Channel. It’s not like the calm waters of the Mediterranean at all, and the oarsmen are struggling – even our Centurion looks green!

My great-grandfather was one of those who attacked Britannia nearly 100 years ago. He commented the Celtic fighters were brave, but disorganised and poorly trained compared to us. Some of the British were friendly, however the more powerful tribes did not want us in Britain. After just a year and we had to l just a year trouble was brewing elsewhere in the Empire and we had to leave.

At last I can see land. What a grey place it looks. I will do my best, because Rome is my mother. As we land I clutch my gladius. “CHARGE!”