Making our own Measuring bottles 8 Jan 2014

Our first Maths lesson of 2014 was some revision of capacity. Each pair of children was given an empty bottle and first asked to measure how much water it could hold. They were provided with as many 100mls of water as they wished and a pen. This was not only good for our measuring skills, but it also made us think about to what level bottles are normally filled to to accommodate gases and liquid expansion in different temperatures. Many of us were experiencing doors at home that had no problem shutting in the summer but needed a good shove in the cold, damp winter.

Then the children were asked to make the bottles into measurers that were as accurate as possible. They started using 50ml and even 20ml intervals, and compared the accuracy by pouring from one bottle to another. It was really interesting to compare bottles of different sizes and shapes, especially when the scales were not evenly space on some of the most curvy of bottles.

What an enjoyable lesson to teach and learn from.