Lots of PE in one afternoon 19 Nov 2013

On Thursday I was lucky enough to be able to join in with three PE lessons. I rarely get to see PE in KS1 and in just one afternoon I saw over 70 children enjoying gym, dance and games, so it was a real treat and I couldn’t help joining in sometimes.
Miss Blackburn from Penryn college joined me and she said the following about our PE lessons:
I had a wonderful time and you and your staff should be very proud of the provision you are providing for your young people. It was a pleasure to see the lessons and if only I could create the buzz seen in every lesson I would be onto something great.
It was a pleasure to see all the lessons and the enjoyment of pupils and attitudes of your staff towards physical activity.

How proud are we? We are looking forward to Miss Blackburn coming in again soon to help us further develop our assessments in PE too. I couldn’t help but take a few photos whilst I was watching so many of our children learn in this subject. Take a look: